Teaching mathematics in higher education: the basics and beyond

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This book is designed to help new lecturers in mathematics and related subjects in their initial development as teachers. It originated from the production of materials for the highly successful Maths, Stats & OR (MSOR) Network Induction Course for New Lecturers. This two-day residential course has been given annually in September at the University of Birmingham School of Mathematics since 2000. It is made up of talks and workshops on the key areas of teaching such as lecturing, tutoring and examining as well as more specialist areas such as computer aided learning and assessment in mathematics. The courses have also provided opportunities for new lecturers to meet experienced lecturers from across the MSOR sector, as well as other new lecturers from UK HE mathematics departments. The book aims to provide support for any new MSOR lecturer in the key areas of curriculum design, delivering lectures, tutoring and examination setting and marking.

The hard copy of this book is available for purchase from Lulu.com

Teaching mathematics in higher education: the basics and beyond
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